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Morrow Industries Ltd provides the customer with a complete design solution from concept to market. We have a proven track record of success in bringing our customer’s products to market.

It’s not just about what size, weight or colour you need, we also look at what the component is required to do. Thermoplastics resins are continuing to evolve and we see it as our job to stay abreast of these developments so that our customers have the best advice regarding material choice.

Our design solution encompasses both physical dimensions and technical parameters such as any unusual strains, temperatures, or chemicals the part may be exposed to, as well as how the product will be manufactured and packaged. By thinking end-to-end, the whole process is optimised and time to market minimised.

Tool Making

When you outsource your design and toolmaking functions to different contractors you run the risk of an imperfect fit.

  • Our strength in tool making is the expertise of our people. We have toolmakers who build new and maintain existing tools. They are craftsmen and are an essential ingredient in the quality control environment that ensures that customer’s product is manufactured efficiently and to a consistent standard.
  • 3D models are electronically linked to our CNC machines. Quality is maintained, tools costs are minimised.

  • Moulding

    At Morrow Industries Ltd we know thermoplastic resins, what each resin can and can’t do, how the tool needs to be designed, how to prepare the material and their moulding nuances. We do not stop there. We are committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in resins so that our customers get the best possible product solution.

    We use highly specified, quality European injection moulding equipment. This enables products to be consistently moulded to fine tolerances to the highest of standards.

    Our machines range from 25 to 200 tonne and can produce parts weighing a fraction of a gram up to many hundred grams. Our plant setup allows us to efficiently handle both small and large runs.

    We know that it is the combination of great design, quality tooling, equipment and most importantly, the knowledge and the experience of the people doing the job that determines a best case outcome. To provide a consistent product and service, we wrap this combination in a quality controlled environment.

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